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photo: laramie crocker
"100 Years"
Laramie Crocker
1  Meditations on the Existence of the Godself in a Godless World 4:18 Listen
2  Rebirth 1:54 Listen
3  Armageddon of the Greedy 1:09 Listen
4  Eternal Nothingness in the Void of Corporate Culture 2:23 Listen
5  Rapture of the NeoCons 1:07 Listen
6  In the Crucible, the Evil and the Banal Become the Self   1:45 Listen
7  100 Years 2:48 Listen

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Headphones are highly recommended.
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Laramie Crocker All Vocals, Loops,
Bells, and Percussion
      Recorded in Berkeley, CA, September 2005
      Cover art by Laramie Crocker

This album is an  experiment in layers of sound that remain distinct and also merge and create new textures.  All music does this, and these songs are about pushing the limits of what is listenable, interesting, digestible, and enjoyable, while breaking from traditional song forms.  I also use a number of sounds I collected and digitally processed.

For inspiration, and especially for his ideas on chant, and understanding music in time and experience, I thank my father, Richard Crocker.  

I'd also like to thank Charlie Wilson for the use of his loop station, and for technical advice.

I am constantly amazed, inspired, loved and supported by Wendi Olson.  Thank you for stirring the music in me, for dancing, and for being the love of my life.
Laramie Crocker
photo: wendi olson