Universal Fun Machine is my band which performs LaramieCrocker.com songs. I've been honored to play with many fine Bay Area musicians at UFM gigs. UFM is Universal because we speak the language of music, and like an analog rack, components can be fit in and added, creating a different sound for each performance. It is a Machine because we use machines of music (acoustic, analog, digital), and as people, we fit together in one machine, and we cross the human-machine boundary in some of the sounds we generate and the technologies we use. And it is Fun.

UFM Components from previous live shows: Laramie Crocker - vocals/guitar/loops/harmonizer Richard Berman - bass Wendi Olson - vocals Sam Weinstein - vocals/guitar Ralph Granich - drums Eve Graham - vocals Barbara Griesau -vocals Cate Warren - accordion Alix Herrmann - bass

Currently (2015), I'm producing a new album, peace, which will be the first album to be by the band UFM. Please see the liner notes for updates on compositional and studio session contributions.

Peace, Laramie