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U.S. Provisional Authority
(site for the 2004 tour)

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Location of Osama bin Laden

  Timeslip #1
  All My WMDs
  Yes Mr. Cheney
  Ridin' High
  The Fall
  Bombing for Peace
  The Nattering Nabob of Nepotism
  Little Black Box
  Code Red Coup
  Club Fed
  Hey Now!
  Far Enough
  Big Green Lady
  I Want My Country Back
  Timeslip #2

Laramie Crocker All Vocals
Sarãn Drum ("Far Enough")
Joy Crocker Piano  ("Warmonger", "Club Fed")
Hammond B3  ("The Nattering Nabob of Nepotism")
Randal Mitros Drums (except for "I Want My Country Back" and "Far Enough")
Scott Amendola Drums ("I Want My Country Back" and "Far Enough")
Michael Olivola String Bass
Electric Bass
Charlie Wilson Trombone ("The Nattering Nabob of Nepotism", "Hey Now!")
Lewis Patzner Cello ("Big Green Lady" and "Cargo")
      Producer: Charlie Wilson
      Executive Producer: Laramie Crocker
      Recorded and Mixed by Bond Bergland
      Recorded at San Pablo Recorders, Berkeley, CA

      Remastered in Williamsburg in Brooklyn, NY, August 2005
      Cover art by Laramie Crocker using photo by Wendi Olson