"We're everywhere you don't want us to be" TM

That's right! We trademarked the quotation mark, so if we catch you using it, "We'll sue your ass"TM. And the phrase "I'm Lovin' It." Yep, that's ours, too. Soon, we'll have the entire English language trademarked, and you'll owe us money just to speak."

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Legal Department

Please note: there is another Megacorp that claims it owns the quotation mark. Posh! "We were first"TM.

Please direct all lawsuits to LaramieCrocker.com

Proof that we were first: This is from our letterhead in 1631 A.D.

We tried, in 1627 A.D. to use a "modern" version, but our marketing department was rounded up and summarily hanged by the King for "Use-ing straynge & novel werds & atteympting to usurp the language o the King and o the very common people for thy own unclean marketyng purpouses." To wit: