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Here's the new song (Nov. 14, 2004) about the vote counting in Florida and Ohio:
Listen: The Chessmaster Plays Ohio  or: (low bandwidth
[There's a lot going on in the song, I highly recommend headphones for listening.)

Here's my song I wrote March 2, 2004, the night of the primaries in California, which expresses my utter sense of loss when I first voted on a Diebold system:
Listen: Little Black Box 
This one is on my latest CD: U.S. Provisional Authority

I've recorded a new song, "The Chessmaster Plays Ohio", one that I wrote when I sat in a Reno, Nevada hotel, Wednesday morning after the election. I realized that there was the very real possibility that we had been had. And no one was doing anything about it. Not John Kerry, not the Democratic Party, not the Republican Party, not President Bush, not the Media. But exit polls are almost never wrong. They are based on people who actually voted, not like other polls where they don't know who will vote or if they will vote. Most other countries use exit polls to determine if the elections were clean. But here our Corporate Media just goes along with our Corporate Candidates and says nothing. Clean elections should be a non-partisan issue. But the Republicans don't want to squeak, because they won. And the Democrats don't want to squeak because they don't want to look like conspiracy theorists. But we have possibly given up our Democracy to accounting by machines made and deployed by a private, secretive, Republican company, Diebold (and a few others), and those machines have behaved poorly. Preliminary evidence shows that there were significant numbers of failures in the machines. And no one in power cares.

In the song, I declare that the American Democratic Experiment is over. Harsh words, and maybe unfounded. But I write songs about how I feel, how I react. And this is how I feel. That even when there is question about our most sacred right, voting, our leaders have failed, the Media has failed, and the people are not up in arms. Something is very wrong.

Update: The little black boxes seem to have behaved as predicted! It is now imperative that we have a full audit and manual recount. This is the government's duty and they are shirking it. After that, it is the Democratic Party's duty, to spend the GELAC funds on this. Amazingly, the party, bolstered by the corporate press, has abdicated.

So some people are using grassroots power to pay for this bare minimum oversight into clean elections and open government. If you care about this country, PLEASE DONATE now to these organizations Without whistle-clean elections, we won't know if we have a democracy. This is not conspiracy theory, this is common sense.

The Ohio Greens are raising money for a recount (yes indeedy, the counties charge us for what is really their responsibility) http://www.votecobb.org/

Bev Harris at http://www.blackboxvoting.org/ is filing the largest Freedom Of Information Act request in history, to get at the voter poll station data. This is very important. Please do what I did and give 'til it hurts.
There are more links at the bottom of this page so you can get involved.


The Chessmaster Plays Ohio

Listen  Listen (low bandwidth) 1776 - 2004 Rest in Peace The American Democratic Experiment How do you know your vote's been cast? How do you know your vote's been counted? "You don't." "Democracy is too important to be left to the people." "These machines are secure and reliable. These machines are failsafe" We have machines to count the vote. "Anyone who talks about voter fraud is a Conspiracy Theorist" Chessmaster, make your play Move your Bishop down to Washington Queen's Knight to Florida King's Castle to Ohio Pawns forward Pawns forward "Democracy is too important to be left to the people." "Democracy is too important to be left to the people." "Now anyone who says there is some kinda voter fraud going on is some kinda tin-hat, nutcase, Conspiracy Theorist." "We have complete confidence in these machines, They are very reliable cross-checked for safety These direct voting machines are completely reliable. Totally trustworthy" As CEO of Diebold "I'm committed to helping Ohio deliver its Electoral votes to President Bush next year." Chessmaster, make your play Pawns forward Queen's Knight to Florida King's Castle to Ohio Checkmate Checkmate Chessmaster Move your Bishop down to Washington Queen's Knight to Florida King's Castle to Ohio King's Castle to Ohio Checkmate "Game Over"


Little Black Box

Listen (MP3)  little black boxes in cute little rows screen that says "touch me", so cheerfully glows no paper trail, a make believe poll cast your vote down the memory hole chorus: The little black box where your little vote goes down and down the memory hole O where o where did your little vote go nobody knows little black box little black box little black boxes all in a row No printouts, no proof, nothing to show golden eggs of democracy where did you go? the foxes have taken the chickens below round and round and round she goes where she stops nobody knows place your bets, hold your nose cross your fingers, cross your toes
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     this alert discusses important actions that you can take before April 6th, 2004.

    Get Involved:
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      with all kinds of things you can do today!
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