On Killy Yorn   
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          I stayed up later on killy yorn
          beflixed a cab on skilly shoren
          besides me bed before the morn
          aye on killy yorn

          aye with nae book to read t'dae
          and wile the willy hours awae
          I slothed t'work and hae no plae
          flixomed from the kiss she blae

          I kenner back to fluvie forn
          with nae book, nae pages torn
          nae doggie here, I be forlorn
          aye on killy yorn

          I back to Virgini land
          flivy round Spring's new stand
          gather all me wally in hand
          beflix me back to New Amsterdam

Translation Notes

On Killy Yorn An idiom in ancient Croelic, which translates roughly into "on the morrow" in Old English, and even more poorly into "tomorrow" in American English, since it implies "on the day after". A momentous occasion is implied to have happened the day before tomorrow.

Beflix To catch a ride.

Skilly Shoren Literally, a cold, dangerous shore. However, the poetic meaning is a busy road in a bad part of town.

The Book One of the keys to understanding this quizzical piece is the knowledge that the author met a lovely girl out on the town the evening before killy yorn, and, smitten, gave her a gift of a book he had just bought for himself to read.

T'dae Today

Slothed To move in a slothful fasion.

Hae nae plae Had no play. Idiomatic for not enjoying oneself.

Flixomed Spellbound

Blae Blew

I kenner back to fluvie forn Kenner means to drag someone somewhere. The meaning here is reflexive: to drag oneself back. In this case, the destination is "fluvie forn" -- a friend's apartment.

Virgini Land Virginia

Flivy round Surrounded by

Wally Personal effects, belongings

Beflixed me back Beflix is used in the reflexive sense here, since beflix means to catch a ride.

New Amsterdam Old name for New York

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