Laramie Crocker and his Universal Fun Machine

Live at Kensington Circus Pub

8pm Friday, June 26

Kensington Circus Pub 389 Colusa Ave, Kensington, CA 94707 Sam Weinstein plays at 8pm, we'll follow around 8:30pm. SETLIST Laramie Crocker, vocals/guitar/loops Richard Berman, electric bass The Tree Song with Sam Mary with Sam Electricity Goodbye Days Candy BART PSA [watch ] Dream Heavy Rainy Day Lover Attitude People of the L.I.E. The Nattering Nabob of Nepotism Dreamland [listen ] [chart] Fire and Rain [James Taylor] [watch ] Mama Told Me Not To Come [Three Dog Night]


"Mary" with Laramie, Sam, and Richard, by Naomi Weinstein