Death by Cheese [2000]
After Computers
Ass-kickin Barbie
Basement Light
It Don't Matter
Million Dollar Hair
One More Day
Travelin' Blue

Welcome to Club Fed [2004]
toured as "U.S. Provisional Authority"

All My WMDs
Yes Mr. Cheney
Club Fed
Bombing For Peace
Hey Now!
The Nattering Nabob of Nepotism
Little Black Box
Big Green Lady
Far Enough
Code Red Coup
I Want My Country Back
The Last Time I Voted
Ridin High

Died Again [2005]
Jesus Christ 2
Not This Time
The Christian Life (Ira Louvin)
A Guy Named Jim
Sinner's Two Step
Temple Crusher
I Saw the Light (traditional)
Amazing Grace (traditional)
Lucky Man (Emmerson,Lake,Palmer)

Gina H. Price (soundtrack) [2008]
Gina's song
I Am the Light (Johnny's song)

Crazy :: Redemption[2009]
When the Devil Came to California
The Perfect Crime
Brownsville General Store
Lay Me Down
American Gypsy
Good Days Coming
Crazy :: Stereoville, USA[2009]
The Cat Came Back
Rodeo Girl
O Youth!
Faith, Hope & Crazy
Woman Planet
This Land is Your Land
The Tree Song

Not on an album
Brand New Songs
One for the Road
I Wanna Git Nekkid With You
Carbon Dioxide
Leaving the Green Mountains
     (lyric by R.L.Stevenson)

5 Koans [2010]
1. Here
2. Chronic
3. Mind (Here in my garden)
4. Love (It's Beautiful)
5. Happiness

Happier Days [2010]
Friends and Old Lovers
Angel Eyes
Goodbye Days
Pure Imagination (from Willy Wonka)

The Death of Finbar McGrath [2012]
On Killy Yorn
Here (in my garden)
People of the L.I.E.
Dream Heavy
Rainy Day Lover
It's Time
Cheesecake and Apple Pie (w/Wendi Olson)
In the Golden Loop
Hold That Sweet Pain
9 Days Out / 2 Wrong Notes
Coming Home To You
The LaLa Song (I don't wanna see you again)
Good Day #3
North Sea Requiem

peace [2016]
Zarathustra / My God
Plastic Age
i wanna do it
The Main Line
In The Golden Loop
Hippie Redneck Yuppie
Looping Sunday

The Red Pill [2018]
All American
False Flag
I Denounce!
Listen Children/In my dying years
Love's in Need of Love (S.Wonder)

Amazing Grace
And Then You'll Know (Patsy Cline)
Baby Tonight (Bob Dylan)
Big Yellow Taxi (Joni Mitchell)
Crazy (Willie Nelson)
Christian Life (Louvin)
Crown of Creation (Ride)
Fire and Rain (James Taylor)
Folsom Prison Blues (Johnny Cash)
House of the Rising Sun
I Saw the Light
Jambalaya (Hank Williams, Sr.)
Lucky Man (ELP)
Put Another Log on the Fire (Silverstein)
Ring of Fire
Sad Lover's Waltz (Camper Van Beethoven)
Teach Your Children (CSNY)
Tennessee Waltz
Twilight Time
Wild Horses (Rolling Stones) /suffer/dreamed you/
You Don't Have To Cry (CSNY)
Your Cheatin Heart (Hank Williams, Sr.)

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