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Crazy Happier Days - Laramie Crocker

Crazy - Laramie Crocker - Double Album Cover See also:

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Album Details, Description and Credits
Disc 1: Redemption
When the Devil Came to California
The Perfect Crime
Brownsville General Store
Lay Me Down
American Gypsy
Good Days Coming
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Laramie Crocker
Todd Sickafoose
Ches Smith
Gawain Mathews guitars, mandolins
 Wend Elsen
 vocal on Lay Me Down

Recorded by Bond Bergland, San Pablo Recorders, Berkeley, CA, June 18-20, 2007. Mixed by Bond Bergland, Primordial Sound Studio, Oakland, CA, 2007-2009. All songs Copyright © 2001-2009 Laramie Crocker. Big thanks to Charlie Wilson at Sonic Zen Studios, Berkeley, CA, for pre-production on Brownsville and Mary, and to Randal Mitros for help gettin a groove for Electricity and workshopping the songs.

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Redemption: single tracks
Disc 2: Stereoville, USA
The Cat Came Back
Rodeo Girl
O Youth!
Faith, Hope & Crazy
Woman Planet
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Fruitvale BART station
This Land is Your Land
The Tree Song
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Stereoville, USA

Laramie Crocker
vocals, guitar, bass, percussion,
                         mouth trumpet, mouth air raid siren
Wend Elsen vocals on The Tree Song

All songs copyright © 2008-2009 Laramie Crocker. All songs composed by Laramie Crocker, except This Land is Your Land, by Woody Guthrie. The Cat Came Back is based on the song by Harry S. Miller, but with some crazy additions. Recorded and mixed by Laramie Crocker at Tree House Studio, Bonita Hollow, Berkeley, CA.

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   Stereoville, USA: gapless version
   Stereoville, USA: single tracks

5 Koans

5 Koans (single, gapless track)

              1. Here
              2. Chronic
              3. Mind
              4. Love
              5. Happiness
copyright © 2009 Laramie Crocker Laramie Crocker   Vocals, Guitar

Happier Days (demo)
Happier Days - Laramie Crocker
 Friends and Old Lovers
 Angel Eyes
 Candy (intro)
 Candy (w/ Wend Elsen, vocal)
 Goodbye Days
 Pure Imagination (w/ Phil Stokes, guitar)
copyright © 2009 Laramie Crocker Laramie Crocker   Vocals, guitar, bass

Welcome to Club Fed
Re-released in 2004

Released in 2004 as
U.S. Provisional Authority

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  Timeslip #1
  All My WMDs
  Yes Mr. Cheney
  Ridin' High
  The Fall
  Bombing for Peace
  The Nattering Nabob of Nepotism
  Little Black Box
  Code Red Coup
  Club Fed
  Hey Now!
  Far Enough
  Big Green Lady
  I Want My Country Back
  Timeslip #2

copyright © 2004 Laramie Crocker Laramie Crocker Vocals, Guitars, Saran Drum
Joy Crocker
Piano, Hammond B3
Randal Mitros
Scott Amendola
Michael Olivola
Upright Bass, Electric Bass
Charlie Wilson Trombone
Wendi Olson Vocals
Lewis Patzner

Charlie Wilson Producer
Laramie Crocker Executive Producer
Recorded and Mixed by Bond Bergland, San Pablo Recorders, Berkeley, CA.
Read the full credits in the Liner Notes

100 Years

 Meditations on the Existence of the Godself
              in a Godless World


 Armageddon of the Greedy

 Eternal Nothingness in the Void of Corporate Culture

 Rapture of the NeoCons

 In the Crucible, the Evil and the Banal Become the Self
 100 Years
copyright © 2005 Laramie Crocker Laramie Crocker   Vocals, Bells, and Loops

"Gina H. Price" -- Soundtrack

copyright © 2006 Laramie Crocker Laramie Crocker   vocals, guitar, drums
Screenplay by Wend Elsen

  Electricity (with drummer Randal Mitros)
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Far Enough Lyrics
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Bombing for Peace Lyrics
I Want My Country Back!
   (With Scott Amendola)
I Want My Country Back!
   (With David B. Donlon)
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