The Zen of Singing:
Techniques I

Do you want to sing with more power, clarity, and command? Do you want to love the sound of your voice and to please others with your singing? Then my class, the Zen of Singing: Techniques I is for you. I have been blessed with a wide range of teachers in my 42 years of singing, from opera stars, to jazz masters, and I want to share with you the teachings and techniques I have received.

This class is open to men and women, ages 14 and up. I'll limit the class size to eight people, so sign up early. It will be at our house in North Berkeley, CA. I'll also offer scholarships if you have the need.

Nothing gives me more pleasure than singing with others, and helping others to find the beauty in their voices. Children are blessed with clear, piercing voices, and adults find many ways to stiffle these sounds. Once we un-learn these tapes, we can sing with our true voices, and express the beauty that is inside all of us. In this class, I'll share techniques that will open up your true voice quickly and powerfully.

In the class, we'll cover breathing, generating good tone, staying on pitch, harmonizing, and generally getting your mind out of the game and letting your spirit be sung by the music. Most of the work will be group singing, and some one-on-one tuning. I teach by example, and keep theory to a minimum. If you want to read about the technique and the theory, please read this page:

      Zen Singing - the Method

If you've come to one of my shows, or been at a Cowboy Lounge before, and ever thought "I know I could sing with power and beauty if I just..." then you owe it to yourself to experience the joy that singing from your true self can give with just a few hours of technique.

I'm looking forward to singing with you!