Laramie Crocker :: Projects
Small Truss Houses
Modular Residential Building Plans
I'm working on: Browse this page to see how this comes together for MicroHousing.
Laramie's Resume
Senior Java developer, mentor, and systems architect. See my profiles on github and sourceforge.
dynamide projects on github
RestReplay - Automates REST API testing and integration
bash-menu - Menu system for bash: change directories, run scripts, manage spaces.
Dynamic Website Design and Construction
I build custom, dynamic websites. Here are some samples, using css and jQuery.
CDC - Create, Divide, and Conquer
A methodology for designing and building things.
A recipe for solving problems.
Java Training
Please visit the page detailing the Java Trainings I do.
Please visit my Cheatsheets Pages that give tests and examples of jQuery, JavaScript, and Java.
E.C. Berkeley
The Electronic Campus, Berkeley is an open-source, online school. I run the Computer Science Socialism department,  where I strive to teach the design and implementation of systems which are used to enhance personal and social expressions and needs, and to the socialization of students into the open source community and exposure to its ideals. Check out our coursework examples on ecBerkeley's Github page.
An application framework for building dynamic web apps. dynamide functions like Tapestry or Struts, and allows a developer to build a web app with just text files: XML for pages and widgets, and Beanshell script for server-side events. The server supports lots of introspection and debugging, which are usually absent in web application frameworks. Active development is on Github:
In through the diorama
My techie-blog on how I see the future of computing, sharing, and relating.
Tagland is a framework for organizing information on shared, hierarchical tags, similar to a taxonomy, called a tagonomoy. Along the way the system includes a command-line menuing system, and a plug-n-play PropertyPage editor similar to what you get in Visual Basic or eclipse for property sheet editing for any Java Object using Java introspection. It's open source, so you can use and extend the PropertyPage model for your needs, or contribute to the work. See the In through the diorama blog for more discussion about the motivations and design ideas.
A collaborative art space, where sharing and commenting on art is the basis for social networking. See our sourceforge page:
My blog about futurism and inventions.
I spent a year as a contractor as Sr. Java Developer working for U.C. Berkeley on the CollectionSpace project, in collaboration with the Museum of the Moving Image, where we are creating an Open Source, web-service-based museum and archive collections management system. This work supports 10 collections on the Berkeley campus, and many other systems with our consortium of universities and museums. The system also enables tiny museums an open source route for fullfiling the requirements for becoming an accredited museum.

I wrote XmlReplay (automated integration and regression testing for the Services layer) for U.C. Berkeley's CollectionSpace project, as part of my deliverables: XmlReplay on GitHub

Read the Documentation I authored for XmlReplay.
Calendar of upcoming live performances.
the Zen of Singing
My singing method, classes, coaching.
CDs / Albums
Music I've composed, sung, played, produced, recorded.
Cowboy Lounge
A musical gathering we host.
Artist Bio/Press Kit
My illustrious career as a musician.
E.C. Berkeley
Laramie's photo blog


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